Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

In Kolkata Crash, ‘Biryani Brother’ Was Driving From Party With A Friend


The case of the ‘Biryani brothers’ in Kolkata was beginning to sound straight out of a Bollywood story of brotherly love. A young man taking the rap for his elder brother who allegedly killed two people when he crashed his Jaguar late at night.
Arsalan Parwez, the 21-year-old younger sibling, had earlier claimed that he was behind the wheels and surrendered before the police. Four days later, it emerged that it was his elder brother Raghib who drove the car. Raghib Parwez was arrested on Wednesday.
But more details are emerging about the Jaguar-Mercedes crash in the heart of the city that killed two Bangladeshi nationals and injured three others. It now seems that Raghib and Arsalan Parwez, who belongs to a well-known Kolkata family that runs the popular biryani chain Arsalan, mislead the police not just about which of them crashed the car.
The family also failed to mention that there was another person in the car. He was travelling with Raghib Parwez after the two attended a birthday party.
Though the police have confirmed the presence of the second person in the car, his identity has not been disclosed yet. He is believed to be a school friend of Raghib. The two of them had gone to the birthday party of a common friend who is the son of the principal of one of Kolkata’s best-known boys’ school.
The fact that they were returning from a party may also explain, say sources, why the Parwez family allegedly switched the brothers before the police.
Raghib Parwez, say, people who know the brothers, may have been driving under the influence, something tests would have shown up. His younger brother Arsalan, who first surrendered before the police, was asleep at home at the time. His blood tests for alcohol turned out to be negative.
Raghib Parwez reportedly has several cases of speeding and rash driving against him. In 2017, he is believed to have crashed a bright red Porsche into a road divider in Kolkata’s Salt Lake late at night and escaped.
The police had identified the car as that of the Arsalan family though the identity of the driver was possibly never fully established.

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