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Its time to worry about Climate Change in India | BBC

global warming in India world

global warming in India world

As in a recent article on BBC website, BBC had referred a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), where Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has warned of disastrous consequences if present trends of global warming are not stopped and changed immediately.

The IPCC report, which was released in early week of October 2019, has been called as a serious warning yet on the risks of rising global temperatures.

The report mentions that the effect  of a 1.5 degree Celsius  increase in global temperatures will “disproportionately affect disadvantaged and vulnerable populations, insecurities in food, good amount of rise in food prices, losses in income, lost livelihood options / opportunities, bad health impacts, and population displacements”.

Our Country India may be one of the nations which will be most significantly affected, due to its huge population and huge levels of inequality and poverty in the country.

If India is exposed to the kind of de-stabilization which the report actually talks about, the impact on our country India could be devastating.

For us, the rise in sea level will have a disastrous impact on our country India, because of India’s large coastline, and the huge number of people who live near to the sea and depend on the sea for their livings.

Not only above, deadly heatwaves – similar to the ones in in year 2015 that killed thousands of people in India and Pakistan – could soon become the norm, with the cities in eastern Indian like Kolkata (Calcutta) and the cities in southern Pakistani like Karachi are likely to be the worst affected.

And As the report says that it is not too late yet to reverse the rising temperatures and minimise some of the harm before its too late, it will not be easy for us to do for countries in South Asia, which are supposed to be the largely developing economies with limited resources in world.

This is the moment to wake up, we have to work seriously on this topic, we have to unity and give our time and effort. Each and every individual have to participate in this. The government and social firms have to provide mediums, they must help everyone who is working in this direction.

Global worming is a serious issue and we have to treat it seriously.

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